About Us

Al Itihad Debt Collection is regarded as one of the pioneer office having vast experience in collecting, settling and re-scheduling debts in an amicable way. The great economic development, trade,exchange & the great progress which the gulf area has witnessed necessitates new enactments to cope up with such developments. With the increase of the commercial companies practicing in the state & the nature of dealing between the companies and their clients requires the role of an independent party essential to refer to in case of any dispute. Al Itihad Debt Collection is one of the few offices established on legal & management background to settle such disputes of courts and thereby saving a lot of money & time for our clients. We conduct direct meeting with the opposite party and the session is attended by staff having full knowledge of state laws applicable in collecting debts and dispute & thereby minimizing time needed for such collection reaching up to positive result without referring to courts.

Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants is the parent company of Al Itihad Debt Collection and one of the largest corporate & legal service provider in the United Arab Emirates at their distinction, fully ambled & equipped with an expert team of advocates & legal consultants who tend to provide legal services to its more valuable clients very diligently & frequently whereas we believe in to never leave any rival thereafter.


IT is an integreal part of our organisation IT department does much to boost our leadership within the industry. Backed by the latest software and infrastructure, and aided by team of professionals who constantly review and update developments, it provides us with maximum operational power, compatibility and security.

Collection call centre uses state of the art collection software that covers the debt collection process through its entire lifecycle – our branches in sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah are linked with this system at high speed connectivity

A part from instant visibility of follow up actions it also enables instant two way communication regarding various accounts equipped with a full fledged document management system (dms) the software also generates legal notices and emails to debtors while the reminder alert system (ras) schedules tasks, call, meeting and various misreport furthermore the system is programmed to ensure timely follow up on payment arrangement and priority accounts and effective management of payments.

Duties Of The Office

  • Following legal & financial claims inside & outside UAE on behalf of the client till payment.
  • Collecting, Settling and rescheduling all types of debt vide dishonoured Cheques or contracts or purchase orders which proves such debts.
  • Collecting Retail Commercial Debts - Large & small companies who makes business with the customers on the basis of credit often faces cash flow problems and such companies wish to recover their money with minimum cost & less trouble leaving their good reputation in the market. AI Ithihad debt collection provide solutions to their problems in the most effective manner and ensure speedy recovery of their debts.
  • Corporate Services - Our firm provides debt collection services to both local & multinational companies.
  • Skip Tracing - AI Ithihad Debt Collection team can locale most of the Skip 'Tracing cases and enable an amicable settlement.
  • Taking legal step by substantiating clear evidence before police stations, public prosecution and the state courts of various types & degrees inside & outside the UAE.
  • Drafting all types of commercial & civil contracts for banks, companies, firms & persons.
  • Providing all legal consultations

Nature of The Office Activity

The nature of our job as our name signifies which is debt collection is based on two things:

1. Amicable Settlement: The main method provided by our firm is collecting and settling debts in an amicable way by adopting all possible means.The advantage of this method is to avoid judicial expenses before courts whatsoever grade may be.

2. Judicial Decree: The last step we adopt is judicial decree. If all the means of amicable settlement failed, we refer the matter to the court vide one of our affiliate legal office after taking the approval of the client.